DIR’s website has been created and maintained primarily as a means of incrementally exposing other mineral exploration geologists to the fact that metal reserves data and surface geochemical data available for many of the types of already discovered and mined hydrothermal ore deposits can be mathematically processed to help detect, and estimate the size of, undiscovered buried ore deposits of the same type.  As illustrated in the technical papers found elsewhere on this website, this formal geochemical algorithm approach is useful from the regional to prospect scale of exploration operations.

This re-discovery and subsequent improvement of a neglected exploration geochemical technique is seen as being significant and timely for mineral exploration geologists who are increasingly faced with the modern problem of trying to locate and define ore bodies with little or no unambiguous surface expression.  As the Kahneman and Klein paper also provided at this website shows, when uncertainty is increased in a working environment — and professional knowledge and expertise have not yet grown to meet this increased uncertainty — the application of formal algorithms like those concerned and reported here will nearly always outperform human judgment.

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