What to do?

The linked paper below, “Conditions for Intuitive Expertise”, by Kahneman and Klein, summarizes the practical scope of human problem-solving and decision-making under various working and environmental conditions. According to this summary, modern mineral exploration has departed from circumstances where valid expertise was reasonably achievable, to conditions where it is no longer possible for any geologist to reliably and accurately “think it through”.  Kahneman here and elsewhere discusses the use of formal algorithms as a means of compensating for the increased unpredictability and loss of learning opportunities (feedback) that now make true mineral exploration expertise even more difficult to obtain because deeper ore deposits are increasingly becoming the predominant mineral exploration targets.  As this website shows, DIR is following Kahneman’s advice with regard to the utilization of algorithms to compensate for the fact that grassroots mineral exploration era knowledge is less applicable to the exploration for more deeply buried ore deposits.

Conditions for Intuitive Expertise

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